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Latching or Selectable Momentary

The FSC-600 Series footswitches by Hosa Technology offer incredible value. With all-metal chassis and reinforced switch, it is designed to withstand years of use. Two models available: A selectable momentary switch or Latching (on/off) switch. Consult your owner's manual to ensure compatibility.

  • FSC-601: Latching (push-on/push again for off), pedal type footswitch ideal for guitar amp channel switching, on/off effects units or FSC-604: Selectable momentary switch (open/closed), ideal for use as a sustain pedal, patch-advance switch, or punch in/out switch for multi-track recorders. Hardwired 10 ft cord for placement flexibility Rubber pads on both top and bottom prevent unit from slipping

Connector: 1/4 in TS

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