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While scouring your planet for the best Musical Instrument Accessories, I crashed in on some mad scientists working from a dormant volcano off the coast of California.

They call themselves Goby Labs and they are obsessed with industrial design and analytical chemistry.

These obsessions are just part of the reason Goby Labs have succeeded in delivering musician-centric products that look and work differently and last longer than the competition.

Whether it’s a Stand Top Thingy, Guitar Hook Thingy or even a Tablet Frame Thingy Deluxe, they are all compact, environmentally friendly and cradle your instruments a lot better than those Squishy, Overpriced, Featureless, and Tasteless (S.O.F.T.) accessories out there.

Goby Labs’ have also created the world’s first and only full line of products aimed specifically at the care of musical instruments.

No one knows what miracles of alchemy or design they’ll think of next, but one thing is certain: If you’re looking for super handy thingys that work, they are your go-to lab.

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