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"tschhhhhhhhhhhhhh....TSCHHHH… Tschhhhhhhhhh!!!!!.....ARGGHHHHHHH!"

  1. Is your normally much loved equipment giving you a headache?
  2. Do you have Glitches, data errors, loss of sound or video clarity?
  3. Is the ¼” jack input on your favourite guitar crackling?
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If you want to protect all that expensive equipment that you hold most dear, get DeoxiT®.

Since 1956, Caig Laboratories have been creating these fast-acting, Environmentally-Safer deoxidizing solutions to clean, protect, lubricate and improve conductivity on all metal connectors and contacts, without harm to metals and plastics ̶ Guaranteed!

DeoxiT® products have long been regarded by many of Planet Earth’s most recognised companies such as, Boeing, HP & Xerox along with many industries like TV & Radio and Automotive, even your Defence Forces, as the best electronic remedies available.

Wow, I know I’ll definitely be using DeoxiT® back home on Planet Connektor from now on.

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