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Greetings Earthlings. I am Glark Cable from Planet Connektor.

Our planet was named after our obsession with cables and related accessories.

Recently, I was sent on a mission to bring you the same joy by creating the greatest ‘interwebonlinesitespace’ on Planet Earth.

After leaving no moon-rock unturned, Ta-Da! I give you cablestore.com.au

Here is where I get to say all the usual marketing clichés - ‘revolutionary’, ‘hi-tech’, ‘best-ever’, ‘guaranteed’ and ‘innovative’. Throw in something about lightning fast delivery times, add some vague techno babble like ‘unparalleled signal transfer’ and ‘best-in-class signal conductivity’ and that’s it. Right? Wrong.

I understand you probably aren’t as passionate about cables as we are – and you don’t need to be. If you want to spend your days educating yourself on the difference in resistance between copper vs silver, or how oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors have enhanced signal clarity, then there is plenty of information on this website. Heck, we’ve even got a Cable Finder!

However, most people don’t give cables much thought until they need them. That’s ok, I’m not offended. Not much anyway.

If you need a straight-ahead website that offers a massive range of cables, connectors and adapters – then this is the place. Buy online 24/7 with confidence; would this face lie? Ha ha. Seriously though, CableStore is a division of Roland Corporation Australia and it doesn’t get more trustworthy than that. Oh yeah, did I mention that we also offer speedy service and deliver anywhere in Australia.

PO Box 18 Dee Why NSW 2099
1300 656 765
(02) 9981 1875

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